About CCL

Centre for
Conscious Leadership

Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL) is a network of passionate consultants, psychologists, facilitators and coaches specialising in tailored consulting, facilitation and coaching solutions to transform and develop leaders, teams, organisational systems and organisational culture.

Industrial psychologists Karin Osler and Heidi Carter founded Centre for Conscious Leadership in 2000. Together they have over 35 years of combined local and international experience in strategic alignment as well as organisational and individual transformation processes.

About Centre for Conscious Leadership

Our services are tailor made to your organisation’s needs and aim to create a stronger, more unified
work environment in a rapidly changing and complex world. We focus on the conscious and
unconscious dynamics both within individuals and teams to embed a lasting change within your
Our flexible consulting style allows us to focus on key strategic issues at hand within your
organisation while simultaneously building stronger relationships amongst its leaders. We are
recognised for our experience in assisting leaders to deal with complex problems through courageous
conversations, embracing multiple perspectives and deepen their insight, self-understanding and
Conscious leaders inspire those around them and act as catalysts for the ongoing learning, growth
and development of their organisation. We believe that awareness, reflection, learning and
transformation lead to sustained high performance within a company.