Centre for
Conscious Leadership

Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL) is a network of passionate consultants, psychologists, facilitators and coaches specialising in tailored consulting, facilitation and coaching solutions to transform and develop leaders, teams, organisational systems and organisational culture.


“Internal conflict is often one of the biggest problems that businesses face and when you should be putting all your energy and focus into the enormous challenges of competition and the changing environment, you spend a massive amount of energy as a CEO managing internal conflicts. It became clear to me that in order to deliver I needed to change the culture of this organisation to be a high performance culture, and it was the inter relationships between people that were the biggest impediment to this”

“From first to last, over the past 7 years you and the Centre for Conscious Leadership team have been consummate professionals and have had a profound impact on Nedbank! It has been a privilege to work with you at the cutting edge of corporate values and leadership. Thank you for making us conscious.”

Tom Boardman former CEO, Nedbank, Large SA bank, 28 000 employees

“We are so task orientated, when we get a new task all we do is start doing. I have learned that we need to stop, to get to know each other, share experiences, agree on where you want to go together, and this way you will nail it. It took me 20 years to know that it is not about the numbers, but about the leadership and the people”

Graham Dempster Former COO, Nedbank, Large SA bank, 28 000 employees

“All too often we set out to change society or change systems and there is always a basic assumption that those of us who are setting to drive the change are doing that from a position and a platform of being right, we are on the right side of history. This process has shifted for me. Once you start on this journey you are more willing to acknowledge that we ourselves are work in progress, and there are things within us that need to shift in order for the whole system to shift…. The impact of the Centre for Conscious Leadership intervention been very profound, from the conception of the intervention, the partnership model in its delivery and the common sense to allow the organisation to own the process. The facilitators were fantastic, of the highest standard I have come across and the professionalism exceptional”

Mfundo Nkuhlu, Group Chief Operating Officer, Nedbank, Large SA Bank, 28 000 employees

Thank you very much for the inspiring workshop last week! Your facilitation engendered a sense of meaningful growth for me, on a personal and professional level, as well as a deeper appreciation for my colleagues. I am already aware of a difference this week in the quality of our interactions, for example, one of my colleagues ended an operations meeting this morning by asking each of the 20 people in the room how they were feeling!

Something that I particularly appreciate about the way you work is that it brings about a greater sense of congruence between the private and the public individual. I think that authenticity is very powerful.

Lisa Pines, General Manager: Actuarial. Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa

“So much has been researched, written and debated around leadership, that one often loses the value of just reflecting yourself on your own leadership journey – where you have faltered, what energizes you as a leader, and what lessons you learnt along the way. It has been on this journey that I’ve found great value in working with the Centre for Conscious Leadership team. Their ability to create an authentic environment in which leaders can reflect and learn both as individuals and as a collective, has contributed to our success as a business. They are able to really hone in on the issues that matter at the time, whilst also assisting teams to step back into the bigger context they find themselves in. The quality of the connection that grows between leaders as a result of their thoughtful planning and care, and their professional facilitation, made them a long term partner in our organizational journey.”

Raimund Snyders, CEO , Mutual and Federal

“I have attended 4 different workshops with Centre for Conscious Leadership as a member of different teams and in 2 companies. The profound impact of deepening consciousness of our human responses and awareness of how this impacts our personal effectiveness, team environments and leadership effectiveness cannot be underestimated. I believe this work to be the as the single most impactful intervention in own journey of personal mastery and have been enormously privileged to engage Centre for Conscious Leadership for the benefit of my direct team.

The Centre for Conscious Leadership approach is one of partnership and through their process, the facilitators develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges within each team. Their ongoing support post the initial workshop is invaluable, as is the provision of customized content and tools.

Just last week, my husband, the CFO of a large SA Medical Scheme informed me that his team will be following a process with Centre for Conscious Leadership and I was delighted because whilst the business impacts are meaningful, the effects of these workshops plays out in all aspects of our lives as leaders and, is such, one of the greatest gifts a leaders can make available to his / her team.”

Michelle van Staden, Head: Claims Operations, Mutual and Federal

“Most Exco teams are full of conflict and coming in to present to Exco is the most traumatic experience ever. This Exco is really different as a result of the work we have done with Centre for Conscious Leadership, we are more free of the politics, power and conflict compared to other Exco team that I have been a member of”.

“The Centre for Conscious Leadership consultants and facilitators are skilled professionals who can understand complexity, anxiety, help explore and push through people’s emotions. There are not many people that can run one of these processes. It’s not just about technical expertise…you guys were brilliant. What gave me the faith was that you were fair, honest and neutral…we have absolute faith in the people that were contributing to the future of the organisation”.

“What makes a difference in this work is the building of a container or space of trust, so that one feels that one can be real and say what one really feels without being threatened. Centre for Conscious Leadership creates a safe environment where people don’t feel threatened, and where they feel they can actually voice their concerns without feeling it’s inappropriate to do so, and do it in a way in which they learn and grow”.

“I have always been self-aware, but not been comfortable to share things I feel deeply about. This process has enabled me to share when I am upset, and if I am angry I am not afraid to say so. It has helped me to be more authentic. I have developed the skills to be more direct, but in a way that does not detract from evidence that I care about my people”

“I think there is a deep need to belong, whether people will admit it or not and I don’t think this extends to relationships, friends and family, I think it extends beyond. Having said so, I think people are surprised to find it is possible at work and when I look at much of the work we have done with Centre for Conscious Leadership it actually crafts what I believe to be the closest social relationships between people because if you can see a position or situation through someone else’s eyes you are much inclined to be flexible.”

“Our work with Centre for Conscious Leadership created space for leaders to explore themselves within a safe environment, it enabled me to slow down and spend time reflecting on myself and my impact on others, something I did glibly, but not intentionally in the same way.”

“The morale at our company around July 2003 was very low due to the imminent sale of the company. Despite the low morale and resistance to this session, the facilitator managed to effectively engage the participants and facilitated open and constructive dialogue on very sensitive issues. The feedback from the Exco members and senior managers that attended the workshop was very positive and the participants felt that it was a very productive and insightful learning experience.”

“I especially enjoyed the facilitated approach to learning in this session. The material used to highlight the tools and concepts was oriented around topics and undiscussables that were specific to our situation. The facilitators were excellent at engaging various behaviours that happened during our discussions as additional teaching points.”

“This team alignment and effectivness intervention was a really great process – thank you. I think that the gentle and skilled facilitation process provided a comfort zone which encouraged people to share openly and honestly – really baring their souls in a constructive manner. The dialogue framework really enhanced this process.”

“The team process was extremely effective – it raised all the relevant issues, gave everyone a sense of being heard, of giving and receiving feedback from other team members. The team felt safe with the excellent facilitators – they brought a huge amount of experience and understanding to individual issues and the bigger organisational problems.”

“The understanding and insight that I have gained about myself and my team members is priceless. I have more understanding on how they react and handle situations thus allowing me to respond more appropriately in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for us all. The self-awareness tools (Emotional Intelligence and MBTI) were extremely helpful in supporting this. They were eye openers – from being a cynic I was won over!”

“This leadership and personal mastery workshop was very useful and very insightful – it was balanced and encompassed feedback and thinking from all areas of one’s life. It invoked some serious introspection and encouraged “whole person” development. I feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to go through this experience”

“I really enjoyed this leadershop process as a whole and found that unlike any other interventions I was not bored – it was an unbelievable journey of self-discovery. It was truly exceptional for me – a real gift for me to be able to explore my inner self with the help of devoted commitment from two exceptional facilitators – thank you”