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Integrated cultural change and organisational transformation

We have partnered with a number of CEO’s and Executive teams in order to design, conceptualise and implement large-scale cultural and organisational transformation processes. Each of these interventions has been highly customised and many of these have had an impact on organisational results.
Large South African Bank

We implemented a large scale change project for over 8 years while working closely with the CE and the Executive while involving them in the design and cascading of the strategy process, and a leadership values alignment process with the top 8500 people focusing on personal mastery, values, transformation, leadership and team effectiveness. This involved the facilitation of 17 customised workshops with the Banks Group Executive over the period, a combined workshop with the Executive and the Board and supporting the transition between the outgoing and incoming CE. It also involved selecting, training and supervising a specialised internal facilitator unit of 20 high-level facilitators to roll the process down to 6500 middle managers. This project is still continuing with the design and facilitation of customised needs-based interventions in in-tact teams to support the Banks leadership at a senior level of the business to deal with leadership, team, structural or strategic issues. Additional inter-team interventions are designed and facilitated to address breakdowns or strive for improved relationships and interdependence between clusters or divisions.

South African University

We conducted an institutional diagnostic and scoping process for the Vice Chancellor, which led to the co-steering of a 3-year large–scale change project to restructure the Universities governance and administrative structures. This project involved multiple streams of organisation design, change management and leadership work. A key component also entailed supporting the transition from the outgoing to the incoming Vice Chancellor, which happened mid-way through the project. On the completion of the restructuring project we were retained as advisors to the Vice Chancellor for a further 8 years in a strategic coaching and advisory capacity. This role included the design and facilitation of a range of bi-annual strategic leadership alignment processes for the Executive Team and Senior Leadership Group. Within this period we also customised and designed a, personal mastery, team and leadership effectiveness for the senior management and 90 members of the finance department.

Cellular service network Provider

We developed, designed and implemented a large-scale turnaround strategy and strategic planning process, which involved the board, Senior Executives and the entire staff, which contributed directly to the financial turnaround of the organisation. Centre for Conscious Leadership was an integrated part of the senior leadership team over a 6-year process. This work involved approximately 3500 employees and focused on organisational structures, staffing and integrated change.

South African Mining Company

Our task was to design and facilitate a large-scale strategic alignment, culture change, leadership and team effectiveness throughout senior to middle management over 2 years. This included advisory and executive coaching support for the CEO and General Operations Manager.

Board alignment and optimisation

Traditional board effectiveness and evaluation processes tend to focus predominantly on the “hard” content of corporate governance and the fulfilment of the various codes. At Centre for Conscious Leadership we have moved away from the traditional corporate governance by introducing the “people side” of a board and their interactions with the executives they work with. It is our view that many of the iconic corporate failures arise out of what is at times a “tick-the box” exercise and adherence to the letter of these codes and not to their spirit. In our experience it is the exception rather than the rule that boards optimise their effectiveness though incorporating a focus on the “soft underbelly” of the process and spirit of governance. Typically the trip-wires that we have seen over the years in this area include a whole range of elements that are not addressed by conventional governance codes; essentially the “people side” of a board, and its own internal dynamics and interactions and alignment with the executive team it works with.
South African Bank Board and Executive Alignment

By partnering with the Chief Executive and the Chairman of the Board we were able to design and facilitate a tailored intervention that included a facilitated workshop with the full Board and Executive team. The purpose of this was to lay the foundation for a high-performing interface between the Board and the Executive to enhance their drive for a strategically differentiated leadership ethos and corporate change.

Cellular Service Provider Foundation Board

By partnering with the Chair we were able to scope, design and facilitate a strategic alignment process the overall purpose being to optimise Foundation’s leadership vision and direction.

Insurance Company’s Board & Exco Strategic Alignment

Partnering with one of our senior associates we worked together to design and facilitate an alignment process between the Board and Executive team on the strategic vision and future of the organisation.

Annual Board Review for a mid-tier South African Gold Producer

We have designed and conducted the independent annual Board review for the past 6 years. The review has a dual purpose of ensuring that the Board’s performance is compliant with the obligations of King III as well as providing the Chairman and the Chief executive with strategic review. We customised a methodology that combines dialogue, semi-structured interviews and a tailored questionnaire to reflect both the King III fiduciary obligations (the hard –wiring) as well as the “softer”, cultural, dynamics and people aspects of the Board’s functioning.

Integrated leadership and team development

We draw on key methodological approaches such as the importance of self-awareness amongst others in our approach to leadership and team development.
The need to embed any leadership intervention in the organisation’s strategic context;
The importance of self-awareness and inter-personal awareness;
The belief that organisations don’t transform, but that people do;
The belief that any transformation process has to start with the leadership group;
The need to build ongoing reflection and learning processes;
The need to understand a depth approach to development which is based on the assumption that our past influences our present behaviour, and that our behaviour is often based on unconscious or irrational drivers;

The need to build on the leader’s ability to deal creatively with the fluidity of the present and the uncertainty of the future;
Some examples of our work in this area include:
The Dutch Based Company of an International Cellular Service Provider

We worked in the Netherlands to design and facilitate an integrated leadership and team effectiveness process to further embed their culture and values. This process included feedback coaching and tailored dialogue team based workshops. Lead by the CEO, the process started with the Executive team followed by 8 underlying business units and management teams. Finally the HR Business partners were trained to ensure the transfer of skills to embed and sustain a culture of on-going dialogue and reflection.

The Investment Bank of a South African Bank

We conducted an in-depth needs analysis, conceptualised and implemented two tailored 18-month leadership development programmes to develop the pipeline of principal investment bankers of a large South African Bank. The purpose was to equip the principals with the capabilities required to lead successfully, collaborate and win business in an increasingly competitive, ambiguous and fast changing and complex environment. The programme included the overarching themes of self- awareness, self-mastery and mindfulness, structured into a feedback coaching component and 6 modular group-based development sessions.

Global Healthcare Company

We conceptualised and implement a strategic aligned leadership development process to empower key leaders to head up regional business units. We executed one-on-one coaching, action-learning and development workshops focused on role orientation and strategic requirements, leadership effectiveness, facilitating and leading team contribution and building better business understanding.

South African Bank

Centre for Conscious Leadership was part of a tasked team that was selected by International Insead accredited coaches tasked to implement strategic values, feedback coaching, leadership and team development process rolled out to +/- 1600 directors and senior leaders. This programme was implemented in partnership with a faculty from Insead Business School (Paris)

Multinational Consumer Goods Company

Designed and delivered an individual leadership and team effectiveness process for 200 managers, including building greater capacity for self-awareness around diversity, impact, influence and feedback. This intervention had an assessment, individual coaching and facilitation component in natural work teams.

South African Clothing Franchise

We conceptualised and designed the Leadership Development process for the top 250 people linking into the HR policies, systems and procedures. Our focus was on Personal Mastery and Facilitation Skills for line managers over a 6-year period.

Professional development and supervision of OD practitioners, facilitators and coaches

Centre for Conscious Leadership designed and implemented development and supervision processes for OD practitioners and facilitators, for individuals, open groups and specific organisations. We focus on advanced facilitation, design and facilitation of organisational interventions such as strategic planning, organisational design, large group facilitation, depth facilitation, and facilitation of team alignment and development processes.
Large South African Bank

In order to facilitate a large-scale cultural change process branded “Leading for Deep Green” Centre for Conscious Leadership designed a programme to select, train and supervise 20 facilitators. These facilitators would then roll out a personal mastery, leadership and team effectiveness programme for 6500 middle managers.

The Dutch Based Company of an International Cellular Service Provider

Training and supervision of HR business partners in order to facilitate an ongoing sustainability process for leadership teams that have been through a depth leadership and team alignment process.

South African University Business School

We have previously been involved with this business school University in conducting open workshops to train consultants, HR and line managers on basic and advanced facilitation skills.


Participative strategic planning and policy development

We customise our strategic planning process to suit the individual and corporate needs of our clients. We do this by working with the CEO’s and Exco teams in small and large group formats for up to 500 people to determine these needs. Some of the strategic tools we use include environmental scanning, scenario development, development of current and ideal futures and strategic choice structuring among others.
Large South African Bank

We Facilitated the Group Exco strategic planning process over a 3-year period. This involved running 17 interventions focused on strategic processes such as environmental scanning, scenario development and strategic choice structuring. It involved the coordination of a high-level internal strategic focus group that were key in designing the learning processes and collating strategic information during the process. We also facilitated large group events of 500 senior managers with a view to getting broader input and participation in the strategic planning process.

Mining Company

Our task was to conceptualise and implement a strategic leadership succession plan and a talent management process. We initiated an organisational redesign and reposition of two international operations while running individualised executive coaching assignments.

South African Real Estate Agency

Our aim was to develop a long-term vision and strategy for the organisation and to change organisational structure to best support this strategy. We designed and facilitated a series of senior leadership retreats, with input and participation from other organisations, focusing on these key components.

International Technological Company

Conceptualise and implement a project review and team alignment process and review and re-design of Human Resources strategy.

Worldwide Healthcare Organisation

Design and facilitation of Africa’s and the Middle East’s Regional Strategic planning process for 300 people. This was accomplished by working with the senior core task group in Washington and rolling out a large group participative process in Africa.

Dialogue, process work and depth team facilitation

We enable teams to define collective vision and performance outputs, align team accountabilities and agree appropriate team structures and processes. This assists in building aligned insights, choice and action by improving the quality of dialogue, relationships and collective thinking. We have a clinical approach to rational and irrational drivers of human behaviour that are often unconscious and over looked.
Large South African Bank

Ongoing Tailored facilitation processes with executive teams across the bank to develop customised solutions to help leaders solve the current problems they are facing. For example imbedding new operating models, structural changes and leadership transition along with strategic alignment conversation that work to unlock conflicting team dynamics. Through quality thinking and dialogue we were able to apply emotional intelligence to leadership along with team effectiveness.

International Consulting group

Project reviews, feedback training, individual coaching and team effectiveness through productive dialogue.

Foundation Supporting African Education

We designed and conducted team effectiveness processes that supported the ongoing strategy of the organisation. We focused on individual awareness, interpersonal impact, and intra and inter team effectiveness. Each workshop was customised to meet unique team requirements.


Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching with an aim to assist executives with growth and transformation. Our intention is to enhance your levels of effectiveness and fulfilment both professionally and personally, without imposing a set learning agenda.
The main objectives of our coaching programme are to:

  • Expand your perspective of yourself and the world
  • Clarify your assumptions and beliefs
  • Cultivate self awareness and catalyze learning
  • Generate new possibilities for action
  • Be more conscious as a leader

Mindful resilience to lead successfully in complex and changing times

The complexity and challenges of the 21st century call for a different organisational and leadership capacity from the past. Can you and your organisation maintain the flexibility and “mindful resilience” to “be present to”, to respond consciously and effectively to the moment as it unfolds? Do you have the grit, capabilities, practices and smart ways of coping to self-correct and bounce back in the face of adversity? At Centre for Conscious Leadership we believe that investment in the individual and collective capability to maintain the flexibility and presence of mind to provide steady and clear direction to stay the course, to lead and to deliver successfully in ever changing, ambiguous, uncertain and pressured environments is foundational to an organisation’s a distinctive competitive advantage.
Investment bank of a South African bank

We conducted an in-depth needs analysis, conceptualised and implemented two tailored 14-month leadership development programmes to develop the pipeline of principal investment bankers of a large South African Bank. The purpose was to equip the principals with the capabilities required to lead mindfully, to collaborate cross-functionally and to win business and to stay the course in an increasingly competitive, ambiguous and fast changing and complex environment. The programme included the overarching themes of self-awareness, self-mastery, mindfulness and resilience in a Volatile Uncertain and Changing World (VUCA). In customising the program an emergent design approach was adopted working in close partnership with the Investment Banking Leadership team to ensure the face validity and application of key leadership constructs and frameworks to real emergent challenges and content in the business. Core components of the tailored program included: assessment and feedback coaching and 8 group-based development sessions structured into key content modules and leadership conversations.

360 degree Conscious Leadership assessment tool

We are currently in the process of developing a valid and reliable online 360 degree measurement tool to assess the constructs in our “Conscious Leadership” model. It is envisioned that this will have undergone the research, construction and testing by early 2017. This tool will supplement our work on leadership, culture and executive coaching. It will also be available to use for accredited professional facilitators and coaches.
Each construct in our “Conscious Leadership Model” has been developed through focussing on the latest research as well as best practice leadership models. The initial constructs in our “Conscious Leadership Model” include:


Internal self constructs:

Conscious awareness
Resiliance and stress tolerance
Emotional regulation
Dealing with complexity and change

Relational constructs:

Managing conflict
Maintaining interpersonal relationships
Providing psychological safety and containment
Encouraging courageous conversations
Diversity and transformation

Organisational constructs:

Provide vision and direction
Strategic savy and innovation
Client centricity
External stakeholder relationships
Driving results and managing performance