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Our Leadership Model

Heidi Carter has developed a Conscious Leadership Model, which is core to the approach we take to leadership development. Click here if you would like to read more about the Conscious Leadership Model.

Insead Thesis on Culture Change

Karin Osler completed an Insead thesis reflecting on a case study of a large South African Bank who chose to position their culture as a strategic competitive advantage and use Centre for Conscious Leadership in the process of designing and implementing the change process.


Change needn’t topple the business

There is at least one guarantee in life: things change. In the corporate world, a lack of awareness of how change is experienced by people has the potential to bring down a business.

Organisation renewal

Business, as well as society in general, is faced by increasingly complex sets of problems, which feed on and reinforce each other. These problems have technological, economic, political and social dimensions.

Njabulo S. Ndebele: Early Stories, Major Influences
(Part One)

Professor Njabulo Ndebele, former vice chancellor of the University of Cape Town carries with dignity, a unique blend of many roles and talents – thought leader, public intellectual, published author, a visionary, an exemplar of conscious leadership, and an academic leader of note.

Njabulo S. Ndebele as a Conscious Leader: (Part 2)
Hallmarks of his Leadership

Professor Njabulo Ndebele is in many ways a national treasure and all the more precious because of his humility. He gives us a powerful lens through which to appreciate the complexity of the issues in South Africa through the conscious leadership he has offered as writer and leader of academic institutions.

Prof Njabulo Ndebele, Hallmarks of the Man
(Part 3)

This final section continues to explore the many hallmarks of Professor Njabulo Ndebele as a role model for conscious leadership.

Ram Barkai: A 21st Century Conscious Leader who Pushes Possibilities

When first walking into the office of Ram Barkai, CEO of Cadiz, I saw a bright plastic yellow vuvuzela and another beautifully painted artefact, not unlike a “shofar” – a ram’s horn which is sounded in synagogue during the Jewish New Year.

Transforming Organisations

Many organisations deal with conflict in an ad hoc manner. They change the organisational structure or incentive schemes, introduce training or value-sharing workshops, provide third-party interventions, or improve communication channels.

Unzipping Corporate Direction

Today’s business environment has changed fundamentally from the environment of the past. Organisations are faced with unprecedented levels of turbulence and change, increasing levels of complexity in the environment and higher expectations from interest parties.