About Us

About Us

Founded by Industrial Psychologists, Karin Osler and Heidi Carter, Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL) works closely with the dynamics of individuals, teams and organisations in order to create a stronger, more cohesive and more productive culture and working environment. In times of increasing complexity and change, strong and effective leadership is vital for an organisation to prosper. By facilitating a culture of mindful awareness and maximising the unique potential of each individual, the teams and systems within which they operate, Centre for Conscious Leadership creates leaders that inspire confidence, growth and high performance.

Our Network

Centre for Conscious Leadership has a core structure of two founding members that is complemented by our large network of high quality associates (who we have partnered with over the last decade). Our model is driven by the synergy of numerous perspectives, a combination of expertise and experience, shared values and consulting ethics. At the heart of Centre for Conscious Leadership lies a skilled, passionate and committed world class team that consistently strive to deliver the highest quality service.

Our Values

Our personal values and beliefs live at the core of Conscious Leadership. Within our philosophy and strategy lie 6 key values, which are central to our interactions with clients, associates and colleagues within Centre for Conscious Leadership and also in our personal lives.

Hantam Community Education Trust

The Hantam Community Education Trust is an educational development project near Colesburg. Its primary focus is the achievement of basic numeracy and literacy, but also assist with further education, training, community health and youth development programmes.
Website: www.hantam-trust.org.za

Mzansi Youth Choir

Mzansi Youth Choir, established in Johannesburg in 2003, affords talented, underprivileged youth and young adults the opportunity to perform before audiences locally and internationally. There are 45 choristers whose repertoire is an exciting assortment of South African jazz, pop and traditional music.

Our BEE Philosophy

Centre for Conscious Leadership is a proudly South African organisation with Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) being a fundamental part of our business philosophy. We believe in going above and beyond the definition of BEE set forward by the government, by embracing BEE as a sustainable, valuable strategy designed to create meaningful and enduring relationships.We are therefore committed to ongoing learning, growth and awareness at multiple levels. Our aim is to transcend the focus on race and thereby achieving humaneness by concentrating on these levels mainly: Customer/stakeholder, intra/interpersonal/ and organisational. By committing ourselves fully to our life model we hope that others too will want to be involved. How we act as human beings around each other is a critical part of our philosophy here at Centre for Conscious Leadership. This requires a high level of commitment and investment in developing our own awareness and that of our clients to ensure a level of behaviour that honours our commitment to BEE.