Our Approach

Our Approach

To assist organisations in reaching their full potential in changing and uncertain contexts, we highlight the importance of combining business acumen with emotional intelligence in the achievement of goals. We believe that our core strength lies in empowering others, and giving them the skills and confidence to successfully navigate their way through uncertain terrain.

Centre for Conscious Leadership draws on the expertise of a team of highly competent professionals who, together, offer tailor-made consulting, facilitation and coaching. Our many years of experience in this field means that we are adept at identifying the unique challenges a company is facing, and by fostering the capacity for creative problem-solving we help to design and facilitate seamless and effective transformation processes.

Why choose us


Here at Centre for Conscious Leadership we focus on the key strategic issues at hand while building stronger relationships amongst leaders. Our approach to conscious leadership highlights the need for high standards of self-awareness and strategic savvy. These standards are a hallmark of the quality and competence of Centre for Conscious Leadership’s consultants.

Our Core Methodologies

At Centre for Conscious Leadership we embrace dealing with complex issues and by dealing with these issues we are able to help leaders to deepen their insights, self-understanding and effectiveness. Transformation through conscious leadership gives leaders the opportunity to be brilliant, rather than competent. We use psychometric diagnostics, consulting processes based on robust theory and proven practice, individual and team coaching. Our approach promotes self and interpersonal awareness along with systems thinking.

Our Leadership Model

Heidi Carter has developed a Conscious Leadership Model, which is core to the
approach we take to leadership development. Click here if you would like to
read more about the Conscious Leadership Model

Insead Thesis on Cultural Change

The difference between training and learning

Driven by management Learner takes personal responsibility
Ad-hoc identification of needs and “sheep-dip” approach to development Needs driven, competency and outcome-based learning process
Primarily workshop and classroom based learning Using a variety of learning methodologies including coaching,
assignments, on-the-job projects
Separate from other HR processes Integrated with other HR processes, e.g.
performance management, career and succession planning
Report card approach to evaluation,
i.e. evaluate the “feel good factor” of the learning event
Multiple sources of evaluation of the process including formative
(how well is the programme meeting its objectives) and
summative evaluation (how can the development system better meet its own goals)