Our Values

Our Values

At the core of conscious leadership live our personal values and beliefs. Within our philosophy and strategy lie 6 key values, which are central to our interactions with clients, associates and colleagues within Centre for Conscious Leadership and also in our personal lives.

Our Values are:
Excellence, Integrity, Contribution, Balance, Community, and Consciousness.


Centre for Conscious Leadership provides excellent products and services without compromising on quality. The value of excellence demands that we be the best we can be. This goes hand in hand with personal responsibility and accountability.


Integrity is about truth, honesty and trustworthiness. For Centre for Conscious Leadership, integrity is central to any business practice or behaviour. Truth brings authenticity to what we feel, say, do and think.


When contributing knowledge, skills and resources to each other, to individuals, to our clients and to society as a whole means you are engaging in meaningful work.


Our individual goals and aspirations are balanced with the objective of the team, our business and community. A life of quality is a balanced life and as such our business objectives should be balanced with our need for fun.


At Centre for Conscious Leadership we value collaboration and diversity while choosing to respect individual differences. We aim to always support each other and our clients, building healthy and engaged teams and communities.


We believe that consciousness is about deepening your understanding and allowing you to make informed and correct decisions. The crucial value of conscious leadership is about challenging yourself and others to push the limits.