Who we are

Who we are

The Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL) www.ccls@co.za founded by organisational psychologists Heidi Carter and Karin Osler in 2003, who together, have more than 40 years of combined experience in strategic alignment, organisational, leadership, team, and individual transformation processes both locally and overseas. Based in South Africa, CCL is a consulting business comprising a high-calibre network of experienced and competent professionals who have worked together across a range of assignments for many years. Our experience working internationally, in Africa and locally in South Africa has given us exposure to many complex and diverse experiences and cultures. Our work spans private sector organisations, governmental organisations, public sector institutions and not-for-profit. ​

Our expertise is to identify the unique challenges a company is facing, and support leaders, and teams in designing and facilitating customised fit-for-purpose seamless and effective processes to address their needs. Partnership with our clients lies at the core of how we work. While we inject emerging best practice and our professional expertise, our experience with clients over many years is testimony to co-developed pragmatic solutions through enduring relationships and partnerships that effect lasting change.​

In these complex and rapidly changing times we believe that leaders need to “dig deep” to resource themselves and others, in their quest to lead and often fundamentally reshape their organisations to ensure they thrive and make a meaningful contribution to society. Yesterday’s rules and behaviours are no longer enough: leaders of today require a high degree of emotional maturity, self–awareness, resilience, and steadfastness. The challenge is enormous. We aspire to helping leaders deal with the complex challenges of these times through deepening their awareness, insights, self-understanding, agility, and effectiveness. We are passionate about people and supporting leaders in creating collaborative cultures that foster high levels of engagement, inclusion, and the psychological safety required to achieve excellent delivery and impactful results.​

CCL Team

Heidi Carter

Heidi Carter is an experienced industrial psychologist, facilitator and executive coach. She is a Director and Co-founder of the Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL, founded in 2002), a networked consulting organisation specialising in tailor-made strategic large scale… Read more.

Karin Osler

Karin Osler is an experienced organisational psychologist, executive coach and facilitator.  She is a co-founder of The Centre for Conscious Leadership, a consulting organisation based in South Africa

Dina Oelofsen

Dina Oelofsen started her career as an accountant and migrated into the profession of organisational psychology. She was a founder member of Capitec Bank, HR director for STANLIB asset management and is now working as an external consultant… Read more.

Audrey Lebala

Audrey Lebala is an experienced Registered Industrial Psychologist, executive coach and facilitator. Audrey has worked as a long-term associate of the Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL) and is also an independent practitioner. Read more.

Karen Doubell

Karen Doubell is an experienced Leadership Development Facilitator and Executive Coach. She is recognized for her expertise and involvement in holding larger change projects, acting as consultant, facilitator and executive coach in partnering with boards and executive committees through to middle management. 

Ronnie Ndlovu

Ronnie Ndlovu is an experienced leadership development and strategy facilitator, systems, careerexecutive and team coach. He started his career as an accountant for a hospital in Pennsylvania, USA. Read more.

Casper Oelofsen

Casper Oelofsen is an international executive business coach and thinking partner to his clients.  His passion is to assist clients (individuals and teams) to develop best practices to increase the quality of their thinking in complex environments.

Nolitha Tsengiwe

Nolitha Tsengiwe is an experienced Executive coach and a licensed Psychologist, with over 20 years of collective work experience in leadership development, team coaching, lecturing, psychotherapy. 

Marc Feitelberg

Marc Feitelberg is the founder and former Executive Director of the South African College of Applied Psychology. In both Australia and South Africa, Marc is a registered clinical psychologist working in the clinical, coaching and organizational fields. 

Vuyo Koyana

Vuyo Koyana is an experienced facilitator who combines sound articulation and highly intuitive listening to the workshop and individual interaction. She has a deep appreciation for how individuals can free themselves from their limitations and be changed

Alison du Toit

Alison du Toit is an experienced Organisational Psychologist, Organisational Development Consultant, Programme Director, Facilitator and Executive Coach who offers a systemic approach to the unique and complex challenges facing organisations

Zed Xaba

Zed Xaba is a Conflict Coach, Mediator, Facilitator and Trainer.  Zed in an associate of the Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL) a networked consulting organisation founded in 2002 specialising in leadership learning and large system change. 

Lee Freemantle 

Lee Freemantle is an internationally experienced strategy consultant and executive coach.  Since 1990 she has been the catalyst in her clients achieving high-impact, sustainable change – more effective leadership teams