Why Choose Us?

Why Choose

At Centre for Conscious Leadership we focus on the key strategic issues at hand while building stronger relationships amongst leaders. Our approach to conscious leadership highlights the need for high standards of self-awareness and strategic savvy. These standards are a hallmark of the quality and competence of Centre for Conscious Leadership’s consultants.

We offer business and strategic expertise

We combine business acumen and strategic expertise with the art and science of organisational psychology.

We ensure contextual integration

We integrate all learning interventions with the strategic and operational contexts of our client’s business.

We are able to bring a different perspective to a client’s problem and a more integrated view of it.

We bring respect for multiple perspectives and all voices

We adopt a multiple-perspective approach to assess, challenge and support leaders and teams in their development and in the way they function.

We create openness and trust to build stronger, deeper relationships

We deepen and consolidate team relationships as a basis for strengthening how we work together individually and collectively.

We lay a strong foundation for openness and trust. We have developed an extraordinary ability to do this through our workshop processes.

We create the space for the open dialogue and robust debate necessary to identify the key issues that need to be addressed. In doing this we co-craft the way forward for our clients.

We catalyze the motivation and emotional engagement necessary to extract the pockets of value that exist in our client’s company at all levels.

We take a flexible, emergent approach

We use a holistic systemic framework, which brings an integrated and emergent approach to our work.

We use inquiry to bring out and deepen shared understanding of issues.

We celebrate innovative solutions

We catalyze innovative solutions by working through difficult inter-personal and intra-organisational issues.

Our approach inspires relevant solutions and effective delivery and at the same time, allows for ongoing responses to dynamic changes in the strategic or organisation context.

We’re comfortable surfacing “undiscussables”

We identify key obstacles or “undiscussables” that hinder team effectiveness and develop potential solutions to address these.

We customise our interventions to meet the unique demands of client situations.

We delight in a collaborative style

We have extensive experience in establishing long-term client relationships and while we inject our professional expertise, we co-develop solutions with our clients to effect lasting change.

We build capacity for long-term sustainability

We create long-term sustainability in our clients’ organisations.

We design our interventions to include a strong capacity building component that allows for knowledge and skills transfer to leaders and their teams.

We build coherence and alignment

We support our clients in ensuring the interventions are aligned with previous, current and future initiatives.

We deliver life-changing impact

Our approach is often life changing, beginning with the individual, to the team and then into the system. People change on a personal level, shifting to greater awareness of others in the team. Increasingly leaders notice how the team is working together differently and how the system develops over time.

We select our work carefully

We decline work if we believe the conditions for engagement and delivery is not conducive to the success of the client.